Maldives: A Quick Travel Guide GULHI ISLAND – for Pinoy and Foreigners

Soon as we arrived in Male’, we looked for the beach, and there really was a beach. But I was looking for something serene and relaxing. I planned something out, and first stop, Gulhi!
From Nazmee’s place in Male’, we took a taxi for MVR25.00 going to the ferry terminal. Then we boarded on the ferry going to Gulhi!

What’s in Gulhi? 
Gulhi is a real R&R place. If you’re looking for a place to just relax, sun-bathe and sunset-chasing you can have it here. There’s a “bikini” beach too!

Where to Stay in Gulhi?
Gulhi is a small inhabited island. In one of the posts in FB I’ve read that they’ve stayed in Silver Shade, saw the price and I tried searching for it in either Agoda or Yes, there really is Silver Shade Guesthouse. So, I checked the price, and it’s within the budget, hence I booked!
Soon as we arrived at the port, Atit Mollah was already there waiting for our arrival. He offered to carry our bags going to Silver Shade Guest House, later we found out, it’s just a few steps from the port.
Below are actual photos of the room. 

The BED! Ah, feels so comfortable sleeping here after a long day of exploration!

Where to EAT? I know you’d be looking for food!
The look of a hungry man! Searching for the familiar food. 
We only ate at Surfista Cafe and they have affordable prices, see the whole menu below: (Yes, I got it for you! (copied verbatim from their menu).

Usually served along with your meal, but this is NOT free.


Silver Shade Guest House offers some excursion activities, with group prices below:
  1. Dolphin Quest – $70 (3 hours 30 minutes) Maximum of four (4) persons
  2. Sunset Fishing – $60 (3 hours) Maximum of four (4) persons
  3. Sand bank and Snorkelling – $70 (3 hours 30 minutes) Maximum of four (4) persons
  4. Snorkelling – $55 (2 hours) Maximum of (4) persons

We only availed of #3 since one of the main reasons I came to Maldives is BEACH! So, we’ve decided to go to the Sand Bank. Really worth it! 
We used a chartered speed boat. Truly feels like “living-the-dream”, you’d really feel so VIP, with just you on a speed boat + your guide/boat-crew. 

When we arrived in the small islet (sand bank) no other people are there. It’s just us. Enjoying the entire place!
  1. If you plan to go to this Sand Bank, get ready with your “bikini”, yes you can wear it here! Without fear of being critiqued or watched at for ridicule, coz you’ve got the entire place to enjoy!!!
  2. Take a lot of sunblock creams with you, it’s almost always summer in the Maldives!
  3. Brace yourselves for the waves, as the speedboat would really dance to its tune.
  4. Take a lot of pictures, and hit the beach!!! 
  5. Never mind the sun (you’re on sunblock right?).
I’m sharing with you below some of the pics we’ve had and a video in the Sand bank.

After the snorkelling, we were given free drinks. Ice Cream Soda. T’was our first time to try it.

It’s also one of the common scenes in Maldives, their customary seats, relaxation seats I’d call it. Looks like the one below.

After our R&R sessions in Gulhi, we had to head to Maafushi. 

But hey, we can’t miss the sunset!

Then, I requested a photo op with our very kind hosts Atit and his Manager. I genuinely appreciate their warmth and welcoming behavior. Highly recommended place to stay!

So long K. Gulhi! See you again, some day! Then, we’re off to….. Maafushi!
For summary of costs in the entire Maldives Trip  check it in this blogpost.
Got questions? Clarifications? Please don’t hesitate to write them on the comments below. 
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