Doro in Dubai (Day 3)

One of the things you would love doing in Dubai is own a car and drive around. Why? Because gas is so cheap!!! And you know why! 🙂

To know more where I went to on this day, with a ride of one of my friend’s friend’s car!

So in one of the days I stayed in Dubai, I have been blessed to have friends who planned to get me to Abu Dhabi. They wanted to show me (see for themselves) the Grand Mosque. And yes, we enjoyed every bit of it. On our way, we did a side trip to Atlantis, and going back, we went to Last Exit and then the beach with Burj Al Arab up close as my back ground.

Itinerary for the day:

  1. Entrance of the Atlantis. (Yep, we just wanna see it.)
  2. Grand Mosque. (Took time to go around this grand structure. It’s amazing how clean and well maintained this is. On our way here, I saw the circle-shaped building.)
  3. Saadiyat Museum. We tour around the place, had some great pictures, and saw the development plan of Abu Dhabi, and how it planned to put up a beautiful place in Saadiyat. By the time, I would come back (hopefully), the development may have already been completed.
  4. Ikea Abu Dhabi (My friends wanted me to see IKEA for myself. And how they wish IKEA would also be in PH, or even in CdeO!).
  5. Ferrari World. Yep, in the PH, and where I live in, I don’t see Ferraris everyday. And yes, I like to watch them even take pictures with those beautiful cars. So, we paid a visit. Or should I say, they took me to the place. 🙂
  6. Last Exit. It’s a western-inspired place with food-trucks all around the place. And of course, the design, really looks the some place somewhere in the US.
  7. Burj Al Arab. It’s in the beach, but I can see Burj Al Arab up close. One of the things, I really, really wanted to see, is this structure. Back then, I just have an image base on what I can see from TV. This time, I get to see it with my naked eyes, directly. No screens, no TV or computer, just PLAIN VIEW, of her majestic beauty!

I’m sharing the photos below…


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