Doro in Dubai (Day 3)

One of the things you would love doing in Dubai is own a car and drive around. Why? Because gas is so cheap!!! And you know why! 🙂

To know more where I went to on this day, with a ride of one of my friend’s friend’s car!

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My Dream – Sandview Travel Calaguas!

What’s with Calaguas? Why has it become the talk of the town, of the province of the tourists? Why does it draw attention from the local and international tourists recently?
It’s always been a dream for me to be refreshed and have my vacation/rejuvenation in a peaceful and serene place such as Calaguas. 
The purity and virginity of the island offers great opportunity for yourself to enjoy your sole-searching-soul! Fantastic natural views of the island is already a hyped up experience. If you want a place where relaxation is embedded in the area! Calaguas is the go-to place. A nature lover would really be in cloud nine to be in a place like Calaguas! I would be so thrilled to be able to travel and stay in Calaguas! It would be a surreal experience!

You see, I always want to connect to the world. I want to connect to the universe. Having the natures’ beauty as my melancholic orchestra while I cherish the scenic and incredibly stunning horizon would remind me of life, and make me enjoy life and travel even more! With travel I get to have more time for myself, and more time with family or loved ones. And what place could offer better than Calaguas? It’s one, if not the greatest place to stay for a vacation, for a tour, for a nature trip, for an island exposure! Calaguas would also be perfect for your summer travel! Would be great to welcome the brightest shine of the sun on a beach so pure like Calaguas!    

And I am glad to have known Sandview Travel ( who provides the best offers of tour packages! It has been their vision since their start to be:

“A dynamic, constant, reliable, affordable and excellent in providing travel service equipped with facilities and resources accompanied with competitive and hospitable staff thereby creating a healthy relationship among guest.”

 Robert Kiyosaki once said, “If you want to go somewhere, it is best to find someone who has already been there!” If you want to go to Calaguas, ask Sandview Travel who has already been there, and was able to serve satisfied clients whose goals in visiting Calaguas have been met with the assistance of Sandview Travel. 

Sandview Travel also takes pride to be the first and only one to offer the ATV rides! If that’s what you want, they have it for you! 

More of their packages can be found here. Should you also opt to contact them directly please feel free to call them on these contact details:

They would be delighted to attend to your queries/needs. 

Still have more questions? You may also want to check their FAQs section in their website or click here

Have you been to Calaguas? Share yourexperience below. I’d love to hear them.